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Giovanni Pighizzini received a MS degree in Computer Science in 1987 and a PhD in Computer Science in 1993 from the University of Milano. He has been an assistant professor since 1992, an associate professor since 1998, and a full professor since 2001. He is the head of the Academic Board for studying programmes in Computer Science and Technology at the University of Milan.
His main research interests are formal language and automata theory, descriptional complexity, computational complexity and algorithms.



Office hours (ricevimento studenti):
Tuesday, from 14.30 to 16.30 (via Celoria 18, 8th floor, room 8025), without appointment. Please check the following calendar.

Appointmens in different hours should be required by email.

Recent books

SOFSEM 2019: Theory and Practice of Computer Science

SOFSEM 2019 website

Descriptional Complexity of Formal Systems 2018

DCFS 2018 website

Descriptional Complexity of Formal Systems 2017

DCFS 2017 website

Mathematical Foundations of
Computer Science 2015

Part I
Part II

Dai fondamenti agli oggetti
Textbook on Computer Programming (JAVA)

Fourth Edition

Descriptional Complexity of Formal Systems 2011

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